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ACCU-CHEK GO Glucometer

Price Rs. 1690.00
Discounted Price: Rs. 1400.00

5-Second Test: Faster, more discreet testing.
Test Reminder: Makes it easier to remember to test.
Acoustic Mode: Helps make testing more involving for the visually impaired and helps confirm readings and messages.
Useful in poorly lit surroundings.
7, 14, 30-Day Averaging: Help to manage diabetes.
300 Result Memory: Helps PWD and their HCPs manage diabetes.
Standard and Quick Set-up: Help simply meter set up and change settings.
Target Range: Helps to alert hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia situations.
Flagging of Results: Helps identify AST and control tests.
Ergonomic Design: Comfortable to hold and use.
Large LCD Display: Helps the elderly and visually impaired to read results.
Test Strip Ejector: For hygienic disposal of used test strip.
Strip Expiry Warning: Helps remind to replenish with a new container of test strips.
IR Communication: Enables data management and analysis for PWD and HCPs.
Simple User Interface: Easy to learn and use and at the same time offers advanced testing features. Suitable for the both the basic and advanced testers.
New Carry Case: Modern, sturdy and functional to help keep organized.

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