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Price Rs. 1480.00
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Accurate: Simple auto-codingTM, Strip expiry warning, Wide operating temperature & Humidity range
Fast: 5 seconds test time, 3 simple steps
Flagging: Pre Meal, Post Meal and General
Pain Free: Clixmotion technology and Proven least painful Tiny Blood Sample 1 -2 ┬ÁL, Under-dosing detection Detailed Features
Detailed data to keep diabetes management on track - The Accu-Chek Active system now offers functions to mark and evaluate the pre- and post-meal blood glucose values; the latter have moved into the focus of attention as a major independent cardiovascular risk factor over the past years.
The new Accu-Chek Active system provides the option to flag these values of particular importance and thus supports a precise evaluation of the metabolic situation. Furthermore, the averages of pre- and post-meal values for the last 7, 14 or 30 days can be retrieved from the meter's memory and displayed directly on its screen.
Easy-to-use data analysis function: Accu-Chek Active has a 350-value memory for saving results together with date and times as well as an infrared interface for communicating with a PC running a suitable analysis program.
Testing in record time: With a testing time of about 5 seconds, your Accu-Chek Active is one of the fastest blood glucose monitors available.

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